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Tristan Whittaker

Tristan is a self employed, freelance SEO Consultant and Web Design professional who specialises in numerous web technologies and software's who has over 15 years experience.

The Importance Of SEO For Project Management Companies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical tool for any website, but for businesses focusing on Project Management, it is a vital implementation for their website that aids the quality and quantity of search engine traffic that their website receives. By producing well written, relevant information on your website, you …

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Advantages of Project Management Training

Career advancement is a dream worth pursuing, and it can become a reality by becoming a Certified Project Manager. Those who obtain project management training can look forward to career advancement and an increase in salary according to both the Project Management Institute and the American Academy of Project Management. …

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PMOs as profit centres

In the midst of recession and poor economic outlook, companies always endeavour to control costs, whilst revenues remain flat. Unsurprisingly, support departments are one of the first casualties of the CFO’s cost rationalization drive. During this mayhem, PMOs struggle to evade the cost cutting knife and are forced to cut …

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