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Not knowing is no longer an option

A number of recent examples from the corporate arena illustrate that being oblivious to unethical or illegal behaviour happening within an organization is not an acceptable excuse for allowing it to occur. Leaders will be held responsible – even when they claim to have no knowledge of the situation. A …

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There are no free steak knives

A conversation with a clerk in a HR department looking to ‘buy’ some training for a staff member and the passing of English actor, George Cole in early August started me thinking. The defining role in Cole’s long career was playing ‘Arfur Daley’, the devious ‘spiv’ in the long running …

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New technologies revolutionise Kanban

Experts agree that as the world becomes fully connected, a non-stop, always-on communicative environment is changing the way we live and work, making project management increasingly difficult. More and more, project managers work with teams spread across the globe who often feel as if they are constantly being bombarded with …

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Project Reports and the PMBOK

One of the less well understood parts of the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition has been the significant refinement in the way project data is transformed into useful project reports; mainly due to the distributed information.  This short article will map the flow. The starting point is Chapter 3.8 – Project …

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Using Project Controls for Effect

Describing scheduling, Earned Value and financial management as ‘project controls’ is, I would suggest dangerous!  The steering mechanism on a car is a control system, you move the steering wheel and the front wheels turn; and if the car is in motion its direction of travel is altered. Control systems …

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