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The Knowledge Academy quizzed over whether its classroom courses really exist

Something odd is going on at The Knowledge Academy, a company aspiring to be “the Amazon of the training world”.

Their website claims to sell up to 40,000 project management, business skills and IT courses “in over 230 countries” – even though there were fewer than 200 when I last checked.

But that’s not the only problem.

A number of their courses appear to be running in the same city, at the same location on the same day.

York is one of them, with five different courses listed for the same venue, each month for the rest of the year.

Which is a worry, because the venue appears to be a hotel with a single training room.

So either they’ll be five different courses being taught simultaneously in the same room, or four of them will be cancelled or changed from face-to-face tuition to online training.

The Knowledge Academy website states the final location will only be announced once bookings are complete, but these five courses in York are all listed to take place on Blossom Street.

And there’s only one feasible place that I can find on that street for those courses to take place – a single meeting room for hire in the Premier Inn.

Surely there’s no way The Knowledge Academy would expect to hold five courses in one room, or indeed in the cinema, pubs or residential properties along the street.

I asked company directors, husband and wife Dilshad and Barinder Hothi, about these apparent course clashes but didn’t hear from them.

While trying to solve the mystery, I happened across the company’s terms & conditions and read them in full.

They reveal how The Knowledge Academy can, at its discretion, “change prices at any time”, “cancel or reschedule any course” and swap their courses for a “Virtual Training” alternative.

If you don’t accept this swap, the clause stating that all courses are “non-cancellable and non-refundable” still applies.

The company also makes sure to cover itself by stating that it will not reimburse customers for out of pocket expenses if the venue is changed.

I also asked the Hothis if they considered virtual training to be an equivalent product to classroom courses, but again heard no reply.

Strange – you would think a company that counts management and IT courses among its products would respond to phone calls and answer emails.

Source http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/knowledge-academy-quizzed-over-whether-7392949

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  1. The organisations mode of operation is to progressively collect nonrefundable fees until they eventually have enough people for a course. The disruption to people’s lives is irrelevant. Their mode of operation seems to be global.

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