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Will the APM Announce Chartered Status at the APM Conference in October?

The APM conference is fast approaching on Thursday 20th October, at The Brewery in London, but will the APM be in position to announce progress on its application for Chartered Status or will it once again be maintaining a dignified silence.

It’s been four years since the APM set out on the road toward Chartered Status in 2007, and things may have not gone exactly to plan. For the past two years the APM has been maintaining a dignified silence whilst publicly stating that the decision is “when” not “if”. However the annual APM conference and awards dinner sharply brings into focus that another year has passed with very little public progress towards the ultimate goal. Is it going to be any different this year?

Progress despite the silence?

Well despite the silence the APM has made big steps forward in the past twelve months with the launch of the (Registered Project Professional) RPP scheme in March 2011. This has been well received by many corporate organisations and the feedback from those who have gone through the process has been very positive. RPP is chartered status in all but name and having a scheme in operation can only help the application for Chartered Status. However given the changes taking place in the world the Privy Council may not see the APM as the highest priority and having just returned from a long summer break it seems unlikely that chartered status will be forthcoming in time the APM conference in October. But you never know they might surprise us.

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