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Larry Peterson: B.S. Electrical Engineering, Doctor of Religion has been known worldwide for his work with self-organization and Open Space Technology. He has worked with a diversity of clients from the Presbyterian Church in Taipei, Taiwan, to Toronto’s York University and the Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic Region, U.S. He developed and coordinated a Canadian non-profit network focused on the transformation of homelessness services. He was a founder of Open Space Institute of Canada. He has been previously published in Canada, US, South Africa and Taiwan. As he withdraws from full time consulting, he continues to work on innovative projects.

Living Projects – The Space to Become Lively

This is the third of a 3-part article – you can read the first 2 parts via the links below: PART 1: Living Projects PART 2: Living Projects – Complex Adaptive and Living Systems   It is not possible to “control” lively self-organizing processes.  It is possible to enhance Kauffman’s …

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Living Projects

Successful projects are a critical part of our work environment, and we have learned much in recent years about establishing clear objectives and managing deliverables, quality, costs and schedules.  Linear planning has given us some useful approaches but we are now faced with more difficult challenges as both the complexity …

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