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Roland Hoffmann is a 20 year veteran who has led a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from colossal to miniscule, from IT to construction, and from Europe to Asia and the Americas. He decided to convey his two decades of experience through Hoffmann Conseho’s project management courses, and founded the company in 2007. www.conseho.com

Training The Heuristic Project Manager

Project managers must avoid indecision as much as hasty and error-prone decision-making. Unfortunately, the unconscious mental quirks “heuristics” and “biases” frustrate these conflicting demands. Thus, a successful project manager must firmly command traditional decision-making techniques, and create awareness of these unconscious, deeply ingrained human traits. Traditional methodologies facilitate decisions with …

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Popular Opinion Says Project Managers Lack Basic Skills

What’s the most common mistake that project managers make? The responses of 78 professionals who answered that question through my LinkedIn poll surprised me. I expected, maybe idealistically, that miscalculating project risks would top the list. However, after categorizing the responses according to the nine PMBOK knowledge areas (integration, scope, …

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