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We have just launched the APM Introductory Certificate

Organization Chart 2We have just launched the APM IC. Everyone tells me that it’s a much more popular course than the APMP. I expect two days out of the office and a simple multiple choice question paper is a good first move for many project managers. Anyway we have a couple of weeks to get a range of podcast programmes for the IC live. It would be interesting to get some input from people who are interested in doing the qualification on what they would find interesting. Or maybe even get a guest project manager to come along. Anyone interested please get in touch.

For more information on the APM introductory Certificate in Project Management visit www.parallelprojecttraining.com

About Paul Naybour

Paul is a project management consultant and account manager with particular expertise in the analysis, process development, and implementation of change program management, risk management, earned value management, and bespoke project management training development and delivery. Paul is the Business Development Director of the company Parallel Project Training

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