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Webinar for Learning for APMP Exam

Can a webinar replace a traditional APMP Project Management Training workshop?


Lots of organisations organise sales and promotion webinars but can they be replaced the traditional training course. They potential have lots of benefits, reduced travel for the delegates and less time out of the office and a reduced carbon foot print. Are they as good a vehicle for learning?

What is a webinar?

The latest technology enables interactive workshops to be delivered over the web using interactive technology. Teams talk like a conference call, they can share material, even work in syndicate groups as with a traditional course. What is missing is the normal face to face interaction.

Short is better?

With this form of interactive learning short sessions for a couple of hours are going to be better than a daylong session, even a series of events one per evening with feedback and homework between each session could be highly effective.

I am running my first webinar this week check back later to find out how it went.

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Paul is a project management consultant and account manager with particular expertise in the analysis, process development, and implementation of change program management, risk management, earned value management, and bespoke project management training development and delivery. Paul is the Business Development Director of the company Parallel Project Training

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