Bubble Ltd, achieves global ISO 27001 certification for its information security management system.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom: 9th January 2018


Bubble, a leading provider of cloud-based Project Portfolio Management Software, today announced that it has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security certification (ISO 27001), one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards.

The ISO 27001 designation formally confirms the company adheres to legal, physical, and technical controls that put Bubble on par with the world’s top cloud software providers.

The announcement verifies that Bubble systematically approaches business information management and applies the highest standard of data security. In order to achieve the certification, Bubble’s compliance was validated by an independent audit firm after demonstrating adherence to a comprehensive framework of policies, procedures, and controls.

Announcing the accreditation, Laura Erickson commented: “It’s still the case that relatively few Project Portfolio Management software vendors have ISO 27001 certification. This is surprising. Especially given that data governance, risk, compliance, and security, are all key concerns for today’s enterprise. We’ve seen a real increase in requests for ISO certification and, while it’s not yet mandatory for the sector, I don’t see the trend abating.”

ISO Data Security and Compliance Manager Jake Langford added, “Bubble’s certification is tangible proof of our high standards for information security. This announcement reassures current and prospective users of our PPM software that we treat data confidentiality, integrity, and availability, with the utmost importance.”


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