Free PMP Prep Podcast PMBoK Chapter 3 Project Management Processes for a Project


For a project to be successful a project manager should be a good communicator, leader, visionary and in a good position to build the team. Above all this, the manger should be proactive. Good strategies should be used so that the future can be planned proactively and minimize risks of projects that are suppose to delivered at the right time. One important tool that plays a vital role when it comes to project management profession is PMP prep podcasts. The project management institute publishes guide to project management body of knowledge. Today, PMBOK is essential in processes for a project and profession of project management. Project management institute offers two levels of project management.

One of the biggest steps that project managers take in their career is going through PMP examination. The exam is not difficult like most people think it is so easy what is required is having a good plan and structure. If this is observed you will pass the exam without any stress and you will get a lot of information that you require in your career. There is no doubt at all that, passing the exam is a challenge, but there are so many people who have done the exam and passed. The secret in passing the exam is putting all the frameworks, tools and practices that are required by the exam in place. There are a lot of things that managers learn beyond doing the exam and passing it.

Managers who want to do the exam, they must take more than thirty hours of documented training in project management. There are some managers, who believe that, it is a must for them to go for expensive courses, what they do not know is that, training that they have acquired qualifies them. There are others who think that, they must get a thirty five hours certificate. If a project does not get effective support chances of the project failing are high. Static’s have proved that ninety percent of processes for a project fail because of poor time, budget as well as quality goals. But, if the tenants of PMP Prep Podcasts concentrate so much on project it is going to be successful.

There are so many definitions of project management support. One of them is that, it is a group of people that define processes, templates as well as standards so that the team can be kept on the same budget and deadline. It is also the process of organizing projects in the organization including the budget of the project as well as challenges when it comes to deadline. Project management has it own challenges because the team must be organized and others will not be under your control. It requires people who have good knowledge and experience. The person or team must understand the environment of the project, good communication skills, organization, strong as well as motivating personality. After creating a team, your main goal will be to unite all the employees just to make sure that they are in the team.

If a project manager decides to hire services of a project management leader, the manager will not be employing a hall monitor but a motivator. These people will not come from within the company but outside and they will not control your employees. Therefore, it is vital for them to have a personality of leading as well as inspiring. One thing about project management institute global is that, it provides guidelines, rules as well as characteristics of project management. The standards have been accepted widely and if they are applied well, an organization or company is going to excel professionally.


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