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APMP Exam Questions

Like any exam APM Project Management Qualification not only tests your knowledge of project management but also you ability to understand how the exam works. It’s not an easy exam to pass because of he breadth of knowledge required. Parallel Project Training is a APM specialist training provider and as part of our course we offer  APMP exam hints and tips. This used to hosted on the Project Accelerator site but has now moved to http://www.parallelprojecttraining.com/community/groups/viewgroup/2-apmp-study-group.

At the time of writing this exam prep forum has over 1200 members and 350 typical exam questions and answers that have been moderated by Parallel Trainers.

Typical questions we have answered on the study group are:

  1. 3.4. Describe what is meant by project context. Explain a tool or technique for ascertaining a project’s context
  2. List and describe three implications of splitting tasks. (30 marks)
  3. List and describe five components of an information management process.
  4. Describe 5 key attributes of a project and describe how they differ from business as usual.
  5. How to answer APMP exam questions the secret tips.

The study group is now hosted at http://www.parallelprojecttraining.com/community/groups/viewgroup/2-apmp-study-group
This study group is part of Parallel’s innovative approach to taking the APM Project Management Qualification. We offer a wide range of training options including

  1. Distance learning package including a the printed study guide written in partnership between the APM and Parallel Project Training.
  2. E-learning covering the contents of the study guide.
  3. Podcasts to download and listen to as you travel.
  4. Virtual or face to face training to support your study.

For more information about our APM PMQ training options visit our website at http://www.parallelprojecttraining.com

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Paul is a project management consultant and account manager with particular expertise in the analysis, process development, and implementation of change program management, risk management, earned value management, and bespoke project management training development and delivery. Paul is the Business Development Director of the company Parallel Project Training

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  1. I have just finished my 6 day APMP training and will be writting my exam next Friday (23rd March).

    I really want to be able to do as many practice papers as possible and get some marking feedback since the course didnt provide me with that.

    Do you have some practice papers that could be marked based on my anwers?

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