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This is a guest post by one of a number of contributors working in the project management field. We welcome high quality news items, blog posts and articles about project management. All content will be moderated before approval. Find out more about submitting your content here.

IT Risk Management: A step-by-step guide


The word risk has an inherently negative connotation to it. But what most folk don’t realise, is that anticipating risks is a sign of proactive management. A positive spin on risk can alert you to alternatives, create better opportunities, justify contingency plans and ultimately win you more business.   Every …

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Expect the Unexpected – Managing Companies through Change

benefits of SEO

When it comes to dealing with change there exists a vast variety of different theories and philosophies on the subject. Many of these draw from difference disciplines including behavioural science, psychology and even sociology all the way over to systems thinking and engineering. The basic principle that underlies the concept …

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How to Survive in a Multi-Project Environment Using MS Project

What is the best project planning software for managing large numbers of projects simultaneously? This question concerns C-level managers, project managers, and executive decision-makers who attempt to find the perfect PM solution for navigating their projects. Microsoft Project is the most commonly used PM application; but is it efficient for …

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Project Governance

project governance

  Does Project Governance really help?   In 2015, a study conducted by PMI (Project Management Institute) revealed that project delivery remains a challenge for most companies. It emerged that 45% of projects are not on budget, 7%  exceed the allotted time and 56% do not provide the expected value. …

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Can we manage project resources?

improving your business

The puzzle of human resource management…   Companies are evolving in a fast-changing environment. Organizations are forced to adapt and becoming more flexible. Resources, whether people, materials or finances are essential to project survival and success. But resources are limited. A recent KPMG study showed that a third of failed …

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Measuring Project Performance by PMOs

measuring project performance

Almost every project manager comes across such an issue in his or her career at least once or more than once. He or she is given the responsibility, by the core management, to report the current performance level of the project. The project manager spends several hours entering phase related …

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Organizing Effective Project Meetings

Introduction Throughout our careers, we will face hundreds maybe thousands of meetings. Many approaches have been developed to ensure meaningful meetings but the objective remains the same – to have an effective and successful meeting deliberating, reaching agreement, assigning tasks or formulating plans. Nevertheless, many meetings can be just a …

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Is the Future Looking Up for Project Management?

Like many other aspects of business, project management has changed enormously over the years. In recent times, the global economic downturn has had an impact on this area, affecting how businesses conduct their projects, manage and resource the people involved within the projects as well the strategies used to ensure …

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Defining Productivity through the Prism of Project Management

project management and productivity

Embedding a project management policy in an organization is the first of many steps that will help you leverage the immense potential of project management for your business. The choice of the right methodology, project manager and project management software, and impressing upon employees the need to scrutinize, align, evaluate …

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