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What happens when a project goes red?

I’ve previously blogged about the use of RAG reporting for project status. This an effective way of highlighting the project status to senior managers using Red, Amber and Green assigns for the status the project. However given that 70% of projects failed to achieve the objectives then we can expect …

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How to use RAG Status Reporting For your Project?

Many projects and programmes use RAG status reporting but what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Red, Amber, Green reporting. Can we trust project and programme managers to be honest when using RAG reporting for their projects? What do we mean when a project has a red status? How should senior …

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Are you using RAG status ratings to full effect?

Project Failure

Do you know what RAG status ratings are? Maybe you haven’t heard them referred to in such a manner, and are more familiar with using ‘traffic lights’ to track the performance of your project. Visual cues are so much easier to understand than lengthy status reports, which is why so …

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