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Never blow an IT project budget again

Never blow an it project budget again

Most of my friends, colleagues and clients are forecasting that IT budgets will increase during 2017 but according to a recent survey, many CIOs say that managing and implementing those budgets is getting tougher. Which, I suppose, stands to reason. With greater budgets comes greater responsibility and every organisation wants …

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Is your project team made up of puppets or pioneers?

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I recently had the pleasure of working with two IT Project Teams who are paradoxically both very similar and very different. The first, I’ll call them ‘Team X’ was struggling to deliver projects within agreed parameters and the second, ‘Team Y’ was hitting targets but was asking ‘what else can …

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Practical Stakeholder Engagement

As we all know the problem with good practice is it slowly slips away as we respond to time pressures and expediency and bad habits take root. We know what’s supposed to be done but settle for a comfortable second best until it’s too late.  Well, this is a New …

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Stakeholders – from confrontation to engagement

Project stakeholders can be helpful, obstructionist and almost anything in between – but for most stakeholders, how you deal with this is largely up to you! The only certainty is your stakeholders are not about to go away and ‘leave you in peace’…… There are three basic ways to deal …

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Targeted communication – the key to effective stakeholder engagement

Just as each project is unique, so is each of its stakeholders! Whether as individuals, groups or organizations, every stakeholder, and every stakeholder community has a unique and evolving set of cultures, expectations and perceptions. To effectively engage with, and influence, this diverse community the traditional approach to project communications …

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Are your stakeholders biased?

The short answer to this is question is ‘Yes’; and to make matters worse, your opinion of your stakeholders, your team and yourself are also affected by bias. Complete objectivity is nearly impossible to achieve especially in the realm of stakeholder, and other interpersonal, relationships. We are all innately biased, …

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Level 5 Leadership

A Level 5 Leader (L5L) is an individual who blends extreme personal humility with intense professional will. The characteristics and success of these leaders were first identified by Jim Collins in 2001 and formed a central plank in his best selling book, ‘From Good to Great’. The Level 5 discovery …

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