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The Importance Of SEO For Project Management Companies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical tool for any website, but for businesses focusing on Project Management, it is a vital implementation for their website that aids the quality and quantity of search engine traffic that their website receives.

By producing well written, relevant information on your website, you can generate good traffic and ultimately affect the revenue that your business generates. In a reality where only page one results in a search engine really matter, it is crucial to provide relevant, optimised content in order to maintain the position your website receives in the results on search engines like Google, yahoo and others.

By focusing on specific keywords and phrases relevant to the content of a website, Search Engine Optimisation can make a massive impact on where you rank in the results. Generally, the higher your website ranks in the search engine results, the more revenue generating potential your site has.

Google has recently made changes to its search algorithms to reduce web spam that tends to rank well in search results. Matt Cutts, Googles head of web spam said that this change will help better identify websites that are using certain under hand tactics to rank highly in the search engine and instead favor websites with high quality content. The importance of creating great websites containing high quality, compelling content that provide a good user experience was also emphasised.

As a marketing tool, SEO should never be overlooked and should be considered as an important aspect of your ongoing website maintenance and optimisation. We often come across websites that have been optimised for the search engines, and more often than not, these websites seem to have lost sight of the fact that it’s the humans reading the content that will potentially become sales leads or provide revenue to your business, not the search engine!

SBSEO, the specialist project management SEO company is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Celebrating our success supporting websites like www.projectaccelerator.co.uk and www.paralleprojecttraining.com, our new website contains many hints and tips for project management companies.

We have been particularly successful with Parallel Project Training which is now number one in Goolge.co.uk for the highly competitive key word “project management training” and Project Accelerator which ranks number one for “project management news”. SBSEO specialises in working with project management companies and we can help you with business SEO services in the project management sector.

As the search engines continue to evolve and get smarter, it’s now more important than ever to hire a Search Engine Optimisation company that really understands how to optimise both your content and your website.

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