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Why come to London for PMP certification

For individuals looking to further their careers as project managers, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a natural next step. This certification, based on the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), is both widely accepted and recognised by companies around the world as one of the most prestigious certification a project manager can obtain. From the United States to emerging economies in Asia, project managers from around the world are obtaining their PMP certification.

While PMP certification training and testing may not be the most exciting thing for someone to do this year, one tip offered to help alleviate the stress of the week is to turn this certification into an exciting vacation. By taking their PMP certification in an exciting city, individuals can solely focus on the books during the day and completely unwind in the evenings. One city that offers exceptional PMP training and an exciting night life is London.

Why Take the PMP Certification

Individuals who have been project managers for several years may feel that taking the PMP Certification course would be redundant. For professionals looking to set themselves apart from their co-workers, this certification shows their employers their dedication to the project management field.

The PMP Certification course also exposes its students to mainstream thinking on current trends and techniques in the project management field. These new ideas help ignite the creative juices in the minds and professional lives of its students.

Most PMP Certification training classes offer a great opportunity for project manager professionals to network with one another. The networking opportunities with other students can prove to be valuable contacts should the need for a change in companies arise.

Why Come to London for PMP Certification

London is home to one of the largest concentrations of interesting and exciting attractions in all of Great Britain. For night owls, the intriguing restaurants and high-powered nightlife will rival any other city in Europe. Individuals looking to soak in as much of London as possible will need to add the following attractions to their to-do list:

Buckingham Palace

For visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family, this whopping 775-room palace is a sight to see. All year long, visitors are able to witness the world-renowned Changing The Guard in front of the Buckingham Palace. During the summer months, visitors to the palace are allowed to view and tour the lavishly decorated State Rooms of the Palace.

British Museum

History buffs from all around the world will love the remarkable collection of the British Museum. Founded in 1753, the British Museum has spent the last couple hundred years collecting pieces that span over two millions years of human history. Visitors will enjoy exhibits featuring Egyptian mummies, Parthenon sculptures, and the Rosetta Stone.

Freud (cocktail bar)

This restaurant oddity creates exciting stories that visitors to London will love telling their friends and family back home. The entrance to this word-of-mouth bar is less than exciting, with its only entrance accessed from a basement that appears to be staff only. The menu features a generous number of high-quality cocktails and several bottled beers that will help you relax and unwind after a long day of studying.

A growing number of project manager professionals are taking their PMP Certification courses in fun and exciting cities around the world. London not only offers one of the highest quality PMP Certification courses available, but it also offers a chance for its students to have the time of their life exploring everything that London has to offer. Parallel Project Training are an PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) and offer a wide range of dates for PMP Certification in London.

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