Advantages of PMP Certification

PMP Certification

PMP Certification is one of the widely recognised project management qualifications around the world. The qualification comes from the Project Management Institute in the USA. It is designed to demonstrate the competence of project managers in all sectors including IT, defence, pharmaceutical and construction to name a few. The PMP is widely recognised around the world especially in the USA, Asia and Middle East.

Experience is required the PMP Certification

PMP certification is not only based on a knowledge test but also requires candidates to demonstrate experience managing projects. The level of experience depends on the qualifications of the candidate. Those who hold a degree must show three years leading project tasks, whilst those with out a degree must demonstrate five years leading projects. All candidates have to complete and experience record as part of the application. It is strongly recommended that candidates are honest about their levels of experience because the PMI will audit a sample of applications.

PMP Certification Training Requirements

In addition to experience candidates must also be able to demonstrate 35 hours of formal project management training. This can come from a number of sources including PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s), internal company training, training delivered by training companies and consultants, distance learning which include an end of course certificate or training delivered by a PMI component such as a PMI chapter. However the training must be formal training and cannot be general seminars and discussions or self directed study such as reading the PM BoK.

Form of the PMP Exam

The PMP exam is based on 200 questions of which 25 are test questions which are being developed for future exams. So the actual exam is 175 questions, these are selected at random from a large question bank, however the are weight to cover the different areas of the PMBoK.  In the following sections:

Initiating 11%
Planning 23%
Executing 27%
Monitoring and Controlling
Professional and Social

Advantages of PMP Certification

There are many advantages of PMP certification for project managers. These include

  1. Increased confidence in the deliver of projects from a clearer understanding of the proper project management processes. The PMBoK is a good guide the the application of project management. With a bit of sensible application it can be applied to project large and small.
  2. Increase salary, PMI research shows the PMP are on average paid 15% more than on PMP  certified project managers. This is increasingly important in a more and more challenging business environment.
  3. Increased recognition of your role as a PM professional because you will have attended project management courses and gained a qualification which distinguishes you as a professional manager.

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