Professional project managers need a PMP qualification

PMP Certification

If you are a project manager, making a commitment to obtain your Project Management Professional qualification is an excellent choice for furthering your career. The PMP qualification is a way to tell potential employers that you are committed to excellent performance. This globally recognized qualification demonstrates that you have the expertise to take on any project that comes your way with a level of expertise that is above others in the field. When you become PMP certified, you can expect to be eligible for some extra cash. The PMI Salary Survey Sixth Edition found that PMP certified project managers saw increased pay of up to 10%.

Obtaining your certification takes dedication, but is not prohibitively difficult. To begin with, it is important that you have the necessary prerequisite requirements. Be sure to check the PMI website to ensure that you have the education and work experience that is needed to sit for the exam. Once you are sure that you are eligible, you can begin to prepare for the exam. The examination consists of 200 multiple choice questions that test your knowledge of the project management field. To apply for the PMP exam log on to the PMI website and locate the online PMP application form.

It is important for all test applicants to realize the necessity of preparation for the PMP regardless of their level of experience in the field. To begin with, it is a good idea for all applicants to look over the PMP credential handbook, the PMP Examination Content Outline, and the PMP Sample questions. Once these have been reviewed, there are formal PMP study courses that are offered throughout the country. If you prefer to study on your own or with your own friends and colleagues, there are several self study books that have been published in order to guide your study time and make it as efficient and valuable as possible. It is also important to review the latest edition of the “A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge” and review current titles in project management that can be found at the PMI website. The average amount of time spent studying for the examination is 35 hours, so be sure to put aside enough time to be adequately prepared.

If you are serious about project management, getting your PMP is a perfect way to show it to other professionals. It makes your resume stand out from other applicants by providing a guarantee to employers that your professional knowledge has been proven by an objective examination. Get your qualification today and show employers that you mean business.



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