2012: The Year for Sustainability Based Project Management.

Green Project Management

GPM’s new approach to project management education has sustainability at its core. The idea that in order for effective learning to take place, an appropriate teaching method must be employed with content that is practical and immediately applicable.

Using an iterative process that combines explaining and hands on exercises that evolve throughout the four day course using training-methods  called EnVexes. By giving spoken explanations of the subject matter with visual aids, we can ensure that we explain all aspects of the various topics, provide examples, and hold Q&As.  Each of their instructors have extensive project management experience and holds multiple accredited certifications.

Through the EnVex sessions,participants develop a framework that builds throughout the course so that upon completion, having a sound working knowledge an immediate impact to the attendees organization can be made.

Relevent Up-to-date Materials

All courses are revised twice a year and offer up-to date training provided by leading project managers and internationally experienced educators. The courses are highly relevant for senior project managers, project consultants, program managers and project management educators.  Our Introductory course is perfect for executives, managers, elected officials, and individuals who wish to get a brief overview of how sustainability and project management fit together.

What is the core project management content centered on?
1. A unique blend of PMI’s PMBOK and the APM’s Body of Knowledge
2. ISO-4001 Practical Methodologies
3. The Green Project Management – Project Framework

What is the quality of each course based on?
1. regulated class sizes
2. highly interactive training using real-world examples
3. relaxed learning environment which includes having fun

What will you Accomplish by attending the 4-Day Course?

  • Understand what Green Project Management is and how it is different from main stream project management, and how it applies to all project types.
  • Know and demonstrate how to effectively Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control, and Close a project using sustainable methods.
  • Understand key differences between Project Management and Project Leadership and why they are both required to be an effective PM. This encompasses:
  • Communication;
  • Issue Management;
  • Stakeholder Management;
  • Environmental Factors.
  • Earn 30 PMI PDU’s
  • Have exercise material to draw from when returning to your organization
  • Have completed all requisites to receive for the GPM certification and be able use the post nominal.

Courses are forming in Australia, the UK, and the United States.  Visit www.greenprojectmanagement.org to reserve your seat and take advantage of early bird and group rates.


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