Sustainable PRINCE2® Training Launches


Sustainable PRINCE2®As Social and Environmental Stewardship is increasingly becoming the top driver for business success, with issues such as global warming, pollution, depletion of natural resources, energy efficiency and energy conservation in the headlines on a daily basis. These factors need to be taken into account in all project phases, in the use of the products, their decommissioning and disposal.

Sustainable PRINCE2®, SP2, is a new program developed through collaboration with GPM Global, Oppidum, and Training Byte Size and leverages the best practices from the PRiSM methodology into a sustainable theme for PRINCE2®.

SP2 incorporates GPM’s Sustainability Management Planning, P5 Concept, as well as elements of the PRiSM methodology derived from the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles for Sustainable Development, the GRI G4 Reporting Framework, ISO 50001 The Energy Management Standard, ISO 14001 The Environmental Management Standard, ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility, ISO 9001 The Quality Management Standard, and ISO 21500 Guidance on Project Management.

GPM Partners who are also APMG Accredited Training Organizations will be offering the course publicly, blended, and online with a bridged exam for participants to earn the GPM-b (Green Project Manager Level b) certification.

With GPM global having just won an achievement award for “applying sustainable principles to project delivery” at the IPMA 2013 World Congress, and the GPM-b being both one of the one of the fastest growing certifications in the world, SP2 provides a new entry to the only certification track focused on Sustainability in Project Management.

Martyn Kinch of Training Byte Size stated, “For the first time organisations can now demonstrate that sustainability has become a normal part of their project management lifecycle, particularly with PRINCE2®, and receive an accredited GPM-b certification.  This demonstrates their commitment of sustainability to their stakeholders, consumers, employees and competitors.  “ Learn more at

Manfred Van Veghel of Oppidum stated, “Since the major update of PRINCE2® in 2009 new best practices on Benefits, Portfolio and Value Management have been introduced, these are a valuable additions for project management professionals. But the introduction of Sustainable PRINCE2® as an optional add on to PRINCE2® enables those companies that regard sustainability as the new key to successful business to really make a difference from the start and offers experienced Project Managers the ability to take responsibility for sustainability in an efficient way.“ Learn more at

Joel Carboni of GPM Global stated, “ There are eight thousand corporate signatories to the UN Global Compact supporting the Millennium Development goals.”  “As a signatory, our contribution isto provide tools to help individuals as well as organizations reach these targets.”  “With over one million qualified PRINCE2® practitioners worldwide, the impact on society and the environment that the inclusion of our tools will have is immeasurable.  The UN released their follow-up to the outcome of the Millennium Summit with a ‘A life of dignity for all’ stating that “a new post-2015 era demands a new vision and a responsive framework. Sustainable development — enabled by the integration of economic growth, social justice and environmental stewardship — must become our global guiding principle and operational standard and the project management discipline is uniquely suited to deliver.

About the GPM
Formed in 2009, GPM® is a global professional development organization dedicated to the advancement of the practical application of sustainable project management practices to decouple social and environmental degradation from economic growth. GPM® largely considered the solutions leader with their professional certifications and IPMA® Award Winning project delivery method PRiSM™. GPM® training is currently being offered in more than 65 countries around the world through accredited training organizations. To learn more about GPM® visit
PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited

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Joel Carboni IPMA-B® GPM® MPM® is the President of GPM Global, a project management professional development organization dedicated to the advancement of the practical application of sustainable project management practices to decouple socio-environmental degradation and economic growth. GPM Global accredits professional training organizations and project management practitioners and is largely considered the solutions leader with their project delivery method PRiSM™. GPM training is currently being offered in over 128 Countries through accredited training organizations and Universities and have won an IPMA Achievement award and a Global Leadership and Development Award from the HRD World Congress for their work in Sustainability.



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