Advancing the PMO – What Next After Implementing a PMO Tool?


PMOs which have implemented software and tools to allow more automation in their work are not content with stopping at basic reporting functions, they want to maximise the functionality available to them. So what do PMOs focus on when it comes to moving their services onto the next level of maturity? It’s resource management.

Last week I caught up with Gero Renker of Program Framework to find out more about what PMOs and organisations are interested in when it comes to taking automation of their processes to the next level and why resource management is popular.

We know that initial PMO tool implementation and deployment takes some time to become embedded. Having overcome the initial challenge of being ready for basic automation and supporting the wider organisation to adapt to the new way of working, there is often a keenness to utilise more advanced functionality.


  1. It is indeed a delight to see that PMO has more and more tools available that can provide fast and accurate results. The successful completion of a project depends on a lot of planning. Resource management weights a lot and being able to make correct predictions is priceless.

  2. As Project Managers, it’s almost a dream for us to work for PMOs that have such extensive tools in resource management. From experience however it always seems executives at organizations are willing to set up PMOs but then do not recognize the amount of effort it takes to make such PMOs deliver value to organizations. For many organizations PMOs have more of a supportive function then a directive one. And as long as company executives are unable bridge the gap between what they wish to accomplish in terms of transparency in resource management and the middle management that should have the urge to accomplish those objectives, PMOs will remain secondary to organizations.


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