APM Project Fundamentals Qualification – Introduction Podcast

Distance learning training course - APM Project Fundamentals

Listen to the first of the APM Project Fundamentals Podcasts from Parallel Project Training



This training course is targeted at people who want to know the basics of project management –people just starting out in their career who want to know the language and principles of project management. Maybe they already run a project themselves or are working on a project and need to better understand what’s going on around them.

The suite of podcasts that are included in the distance learning course for the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification will update your knowledge of project management  jargon, principles and processes, and help candidates prepare for the exam.

The distance learning course from Parallel Project Training also includes video lectures, video case studies and the official study guide. There was never previously a study guide for the APM Project Fundamentals but John Bolton and Paul Naybour of Parallel Project Training have written the official study guide now in collaboration with the Association for Project Management (APM).

Online sample questions are also available to help with exam preparation.

The exam is 1 hour long with 60 multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 60%. It can also be done online using a proctor – essentially a webcam remotely observes you taking the exam.


Note:  The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification was previously known as the Introductory Certificate (IC)


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