Changepoint Launches Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’, barometerIT, In Europe


Changepoint, a leading provider of business execution management solutions, is launching barometerIT, an innovative SaaS-based solution for enterprise portfolio management (EPM), in Europe. barometerIT enables organizations to accelerate business and IT transformation initiatives and better align strategy with execution in real time as updates and changes occur. The barometerIT solution is an integral part of the company’s new Business Execution Management Platform, which enables organisations to better connect strategy with execution for increased agility and improved business performance.

Acquired by Changepoint in April 2015, barometerIT was founded in 2008 in Minneapolis, U.S, and has a proven record in delivering customer value in weeks – compared to the months or years that are common timeframes for conventional corporate enterprise architecture tools and initiatives. The company was named as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2014, and a Visionary in the last Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications Magic Quadrant.  The software enables businesses to break down organisational silos, improving visibility across portfolios and revealing opportunities to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction.

“With the rise in shadow IT, business leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to stay in-touch with all the various IT projects and services their companies are using,” comments Paul Cramer, General Manager of Enterprise Portfolio Management Solutions at Changepoint. “barometerIT gives digital business leaders a real-time blueprint of their IT portfolio investments to ensure that resources are used more efficiently, in order to avoid the wasteful pitfalls that are commonplace with shadow IT projects. barometerIT allows organisations to continuously align their strategic business objectives with operational initiatives, while providing mapping capabilities that deliver on-demand executive context on business health, risks, redundancies and investment performance against objectives – vital data in today’s IT dependent world.”

barometerIT’s ability to create an accurate, multi-dimensional, dynamic representation of the IT landscape within companies fits neatly within Changepoint’s existing portfolio of solutions, which includes: Changepoint PPM, Changepoint PSA, and its SaaS PPM solution, Daptiv, which was acquired by Changepoint in August 2014. Together, the solutions form the basis for Changepoint’s Business Execution Management (BEM), an integrated platform that seamlessly provides decision makers from anywhere within the enterprise with end-to-end visibility across organisational portfolios.

Changepoint’s BEM platform enables customers to improve business performance remarkably fast with a lineup of features that delivers executives real-time, in-depth insights from across their technology, business, project and human capital portfolios with unparalleled accuracy. The platform’s array of additional benefits includes:

  • Top-down and bottom-up visibility- With a powerful integrated Work Intelligence engine customers can actively monitor and manage work at all levels. They gain instant access to actionable cross-portfolio data, where and how their business needs it through highly configurable and dynamic dashboards, reporting, and analytics. This continuous real-time information stream running through the enterprise ensures effective dissemination of shifting objectives and priorities to teams across portfolios and enables improved business agility.
  • Strategic planning and analysis- By creating a real-time map of the enterprise, BEM makes it possible for users to immediately determine the downstream impacts of decisions, updates, and changes to other parts of the business. barometerIT’s core Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) capabilities in BEM connect IT and business to provide on-going, real-time analysis of the performance of projects, resources, and assets across a variety of portfolio types and the critical interrelationships that exist between them.
  • Efficient execution of work planning, management, and measurement- Forming the core of Changepoint’s BEM platform are mature, adaptive, and powerful EPM, PPM, PSA, and New Product Development (NPD) solutions. Together they provide a powerful execution engine for everything from task and program management, to transparency by aligning people, resources and schedules through portfolio roll-up, and the measurement of ROI across major initiatives and against established targets.

“Enterprises have had the tools in place to manage projects right for some time. Now they’re looking to take this strategy to the next level through solutions that ensure they’re managing the right projects in the first place,” said Jean-Pierre Ullmo, VP EMEA Sales at Changepoint. “Our Business Execution Platform is designed to put business leaders back in the driver’s seat in this digital age by delivering the invaluable strategic oversight they need to make decisions that continuously improve business outcomes.”

About Changepoint

Changepoint provides recognized market leading solutions in Business Execution Management, including Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM), with comprehensive and flexible delivery options that meet the various diverse needs of customers of all sizes, from small installations up to the largest and most complex enterprises. Thousands of organizations worldwide count on Changepoint solutions to make smarter business decisions, accelerate innovation, and successfully adapt to today’s rapidly changing economic and competitive conditions, to ultimately achieve better business outcomes. Changepoint maintains operations in North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC, and services customers across six continents. For more information, visit: For live updates: Follow /Connect


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