Fun in Project Management


Inspired by this fantastic blog post about fun ways of doing day to day things, we are running a competition to capture the best ideas for having more fun in project management.

Submit your ideas below

We need your ideas to for having more fun in project management. Fantastic prizes are up for offer including
1) A copy of the Lazy Project Manager from Peter Taylor (@thelazypm)
2) A free project management distance learnng course from @paralleprojecttraining
3) €10 from Jacques Dunselman , @pmflying

Submit your ideas below the best idea will be judged in the best traditions of TV dance competition by:
1) The Public Vote (50%)
2) Jury of @paralleprojecttraining, @pmflying and @thelaztpm

The closing date will be the 25th December 2010 and the prizes will be awarded early in the new year.



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