Jeff Hodgkinson Joins the GPM as Lead US Assessor for Certification


Mesa-AZ – GPM®, the world’s leading provider of sustainability based project management methodologies, professional development, and accreditation announced today that Jeff Hodgkinson has joined the consortium as the Lead Assessor for US Certifications.

Jeff Hodgkinson is a career senior program/project manager with over 30 year experience and holds numerous certifications and credentials in program and project management including the GPM® and IPMA-B®.

An expert at program and project management principles including best IT PM practices and is applying his PM competency and expertise to promote the adoption of energy efficient practices and the proliferation of alternative energy sources. He received the 2011 GPM® Sustainability Award for his work in this field. Jeff is the third most recommended person on LinkedIn with 600+ recommendations, and is ranked in the Top 50 most networked LinkedIn persons. Starting in December, 2012, Jeff will take his post as the Lead US Assessor for the GPM® Certification, the only global designation for project managers who specialize in applying sustainable methods to project delivery.

GPM President Joel Carboni was quoted as saying “We have realized incredible growth this year in every aspect of our organization. To us, the most key role is the one that GPM® certification assessors serve as they ensure a rigorous yet fair process and are our bridge to the project community. This month having already brought on board Monica Gonzalez for Latin America and Bassam Samman for the Middle East, having Jeff in the US, who is as well-respected in the project management community for his knowledge, competency, and ethics, as an individual can be, further underscores the importance that is being placed on sustainability in project management and that our certification is continuing to gain global acceptance as the measure of the project manager that can apply these methods to create value.”

Jeff Hodgkinson was quoted as saying “I believe the focus on energy conservation, energy alternatives, and sustainability will be increasing over the next few decades and trained program / project managers will be needed for the global implementations. GPM, as a professional development organization, is a driving force to promote widespread adoption through education, methodology, and a rigorous certification process…”

Email Jeff: on LinkedIn Facebook, or on Twitter @jghmesa

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