National Trust Launch Project Management Training Programme with Parallel Project Training


The National Trust, Europe’s largest conservation organisation, has partnered with Parallel Project Training to develop a training programme that allies with the objectives of the National Trust and provides a complete training for associates that is cost-effective.  The training will focus on developing the individuals within the organisation at all skill levels.

The National Trust is a charitable organisation who relies on its supporters and the 4 million members to continue its work preserving historical landmarks and land of exceptional beauty throughout the UK.  It sustains museums that house over a million items of historical importance and special interest.

The Trust uses professional project management to effectively and efficiently maintain their restoration and other unique projects.  The organisation recently decided that it needed to expand their current internal project management framework to include external project management best-practises being used throughout the industry.  They wanted the training programme to be engaging and relevant for the associates who deliver the final projects, but they also needed it to be cost effective.

Parallel Project Training has developed a reputation for practical training methods concentrating on professional project management.  Their trainers have real-world experience in various project management roles, which allows for expert and knowledgeable answers to questions during the training process.  The trainers understand the unique challenges facing project managers and the constraints that can burden them during a project.  This has allowed Parallel to develop traditional classroom-type courses, workshops, master classes, podcasts and e-learning to assist world-wide organizations in developing their project management teams.

Parallel was chosen to work very closely with the Trust to develop a programme suited to their unique project management needs.  Parallel has worked closely with other charitable organisations to great success, which made it quite desirable to the Trust.  It was important for the Trust to include the project management design currently in place and supplement it with the best external project management practices in the industry.  Parallel’s organisational culture was a perfect fit with the Trust.

The existing framework of the Trust’s project management has a strong focus on providing support to accomplish the job professionally, instead of focusing on bureaucracy.  The Trust’s aim is not to cut costs but to develop solutions that contain more value for the money spent.  Conserving money by managing the projects more efficiently and effectively will allow the Trust to invest in more conservation projects and achieve their organisational goals.


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