New Book Focuses on the People in Project Management

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Lindsay Scott
Director of Arras People, the programme and project management recruitment specialists. Also blogging at How to Manage a Camel. Lindsay has also launched The PMO Conference

Gower Publishing have launched their latest Handbook in the series – The Handbook of People in Project Management. With three years in the making, over 60 chapters and 44 individual contributors, the new handbook is an eclectic mix which offers something new to the project practitioner.

The handbook’s sections include;

  • Management and Organisation
  • People In and Around the Project Environment
  • Improving Project Teams and Their People
  • Developing the Individual
  • Project Staffing and HRM Issues
  • Advances in People in Project Management Topics

The handbook follows on from the more technical aspects of project and programme management and plugs a much needed gap in current available project management literature.

To find out more about the new handbook and receive a 10% discount visit the Gower Publishing website for more information.

Current news is also available via #ghppm

The full chapter listing highlights the diversity of the handbook:

  • People and project management, Donnie McNicol;
  • Successes and failures of people in projects, Todd Williams;
  • Project lifecycles, Dennis Lock;
  • Project sponsors, Karsten Isenbeck and Joel Friedman;
  • Corporate managers’ support for the project manager, Dennis Lock;
  • Project management in the private sector, Susan de Sousa;
  • People in public sector projects, Jon Hyde and David Sawyer;
  • Project management in the third sector, John Cropper;
  • Introduction to project organisation structures, Dennis Lock;
  • Managing in matrix and more complex organizations, Dennis Lock;
  • International projects, Jean Binder;
  • Managing people in virtual project organisations, Penny Pullan;
  • The creative organization, Geof Cox.
  • Project stakeholders, Guy Giffin;
  • People in senior project roles, George Jucan;
  • People in supporting roles, George Jucan;
  • The project office environment, Dennis Lock;
  • The construction working environment, Steve Lewis;
  • The workplace of the future, Colin Stuart.
  • Identifying and building key relationships, Neil Walker;
  • Creating and changing a project team, Andy Jordan;
  • Building relationships through influencing, Mark Rodgers;
  • Managing conflict in projects, Peter Simon and Fred Murray Webster;
  • Cross-cultural relationships, Jean Binder;
  • Project communications, Jo Anne Sweeney;
  • Behavioural traits: a research paper, Paul Giammalvo;
  • Ethics in project management, William A. Moylan;
  • Leadership, Alfonso Bucero;
  • Conducting one’s self in project management, Dennis Lock;
  • Managing daily routines: a day in the life of a project manager, Sam Barnes;
  • Management theorists in the 20th century, Dennis Lock;
  • Team development, Elisabeth Goodman;
  • Motivating people in projects, Bernardo Tirado;
  • Conduct of meetings, Dennis Lock.
  • Learning and training: part 1, Dave Davis;
  • Learning and training: part 2, Dave Davis;
  • Self-development, Edward Wallington;
  • Developing competency, Dennis Lock and John Cornish;
  • Developing project management capability, Tim Ellis;
  • Coaching and mentoring, Kevin Dolling and Paul Girling.
  • Scheduling people for a single project, Dennis Lock;
  • Resource planning for people in a projects company, Dennis Lock;
  • Recruitment, Lindsay Scott;
  • Legal issues, Peter Harrington;
  • Pay and rewards for project management work, Lindsay Scott;
  • Performance appraisals, Dennis Lock and Lindsay Scott;
  • Employment termination: letting people go, Lindsay Scott;
  • Advice for project managers on the employment of supplementary (temporary) workers, Dennis Lock and Lindsay Scott.
  •  Managing the people side of change, Brian Richardson;
  • Neuro linguistic programming, Ranjit Sidhu;
  • Positive psychology, Jocelyn C. Davis;
  • Industrial psychology, Bernard Tirado;
  • Emotional intelligence in project management, Deanne Earle;
  • Managing social communications, Elizabeth Harrin;
  • Empathy in project management, Geoff Crane;
  • Creativity, Alicia Arnold;
  • The hero project managers, Andy Jordan;
  • Human traits and behaviours in project management, Kevin Dolling, Paul Girling and Joanna Reynolds;
  • Career paths in project management, Jason Price;
  • Project management certification: taking charge locally, Michael Greer;
  • Stress and project management: maintaining high performance, Steven Flannes;
  • Teams and spirituality in project management, Judi Neal and Alan Harpham;
  • Education and qualification in project management, Lindsay Scott and Peter Simon;


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