Parallel LIVE Again


So this week, we did our second live stream. This time John Bolton and I discussed linear, iterative and hybrid lifecycles. It’s a new topic in the 7th editions of the APM Body of Knowledge and it’s now also part of the APM PMQ syllabus.

Linear lifecycles have been around for many years; they envisage defining the scope, cost and timescales before the project starts and then controlling scope creep and risk to stick to the baseline plan.

Iterative lifecycles have been about for a while too; in fact, but today they are more closely linked with Agile approaches.

Hybrid cycles combine the two, often for a larger organisation who have a governance process that requires the approval of a business case before the project starts.

In this session, we discussed these three approaches briefly and then speculated to what extent they would be likely to come up in the APM PMQ examination.

Next week new project roles with Jan and Matt

APM PMQ is just one step on the journey towards professional project management and it is likely that people totally new to project management will start out with a Project Fundamentals course and qualification such as APM PFQ.


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