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Parallel Project Training Launches APM PMQ Project Management Distance Learning Package for £300

Using the integrated Parallel Learning System Parallel Project Training has launched a distance learning package for the APM project management qualification APM PMQ. The APM PMQ is ideal for project managers who want a practical approach to project management and the APM PMQ Study Guide is the ideal complement to PRINCE2. People new to project management may prefer a Project Fundamentals course and qualification such as APM PFQ.

The package offers unrivalled range of distance learning materials including

  1. A high quality printed study guide. This APM PMQ study guide covers the entire scope of the APM PMQ qualification and complement completely the APM Body of Knowledge (BoK).
  2. On-line APM PMQ e-learning in eight modules including
    1. How to Pass The APM PMQ Exam
    2. Project Management in Context
    3. Organisation and Governance
    4. Techniques
    5. Business and Commercial
    6. Planning the Strategy
    7. Executing the Strategy
    8. People and the profession
  3. Podcasts cover most of the APM PMQ topics. These have been highly acclaimed. Once listener said

I just wanted to thank you for the Podcasts you have on iTunes.

I recently left the Forces after 22 years and attended an APM PMQ course as part of my resettlement.

I downloaded your podcasts and listened to the each evening and when commuting.

Thanks to them I passed my APM PMQ.

  1. APM PMQ e-learning”” href=” To Pass The APM PMQ Exam/player.html”>Online tutor support via our moderated forum. Post questions here and we will answer them within 24 hours.
  2. An opportunity to take the APM PMQ exam the APM open exam days or at one of our public courses in London or Reading. The exam starts at 13:00 on the last day of the course.

For more information and APM PMQ Distance Learning from Parallel Project Training visit

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