Project Challenge Opens 22nd and 23rd March 2016


Project ChallengeProject Challenge returns to Birmingham this Spring on the 22nd and 23rd March 2016. This free event for project managers, programme managers, PMO and planners is held once again at the National Conference Centre.

Registration is now open for people wishing to visit for one or both days via the website – Project Challenge

Project Challenge is a leading show exhibiting organisations, and features 30 inspiring FREE high quality presentations to chose from. Three early presentations include:


Managing Agile, Waterfalll and Hybrid projects within the Portfolio

Jon Lewis, Director, Ninth Wave


Ninth Wave has extensive expertise in supporting project portfolio management. We find that introducing agile management techniques alongside traditional waterfall based planning is becoming increasingly important for many of our customers.

In this session, we’ll describe and explain some of the issues in managing a mix of waterfall projects, fully Agile projects and projects following a hybrid agile/ waterfall approach, all within the same project portfolio. We’ll share Ninth Wave’s ideas and experience in this area and show some of the tools and techniques that we use to support project portfolio management with these different project approaches.


What does a Change Manager Do?

Melanie Franklin, Director, Agile Change Management Limited


Role confusion is everywhere. There is a lot of cross over between the responsibilities of project and programme managers, and now change manager is becoming a common hire, but with little agreement amongst organisations about what this role really involves. If you are thinking of a career move, or you are building a new team, let Melanie explain what is happening in the market.

She will give an overview of the ‘official’ description of a Change Manager – after all, she is the Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK. Melanie will explain how these responsibilities are being interpreted by organisations, and where the overlaps are with project and programme managers. Use the information she provides to plan your future career direction and take on some of her hints and tips to update your CV.


Getting things done with Digital Kanban Boards

Mia Nordborg, Director of Customer Experience, Planview


The use of visual management software tools for collaborative planning e.g. Kanban are rapidly gaining headway in all types of organisations; from manufacturing and software development sectors to white-collar and service sectors, such as healthcare, marketing, HR and law. How can one explain the spread and adoption of these visual tools?


How can digital Kanban boards help you and your organisation achieve greater success? Come and listen to our seminar and we will let you know more about Kanban boards and Projectplace.


Registration is now open for people wishing to visit for one or both days via the website – Project Challenge



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