Project in a Box supports Praxis


Since its launch in May, the Praxis Framework has received plaudits from around the world. It is the first guide to combine knowledge, method, competence and capability maturity in a single integrated framework covering projects, programmes and portfolios. Praxis is free and community driven, and volunteers are already working to extend and enhance the basic method.

The latest supporting product comes from PROJECT in a box who are delighted to announce the addition of a new methodology template to the set provided in all products from the free Community Edition through to the corporate Enterprise Edition. This new method template is developed to be in-line with the Praxis Framework, tailored for projects in a low complexity context.

The method template comes with a full set of document templates and extensive guidance links back to the comprehensive resources at the Praxis website. Tools are also provided for easy adoption of risk and issue management and for assembling plans/gantt charts.  This makes it a great entry for those new to project management as well as helping the more experienced teams to reduce the effort associated with the churn of project documentation and controls activities.

PROJECT in a box has over 200,000 users worldwide. Managing Director, Malcolm West said:

“We are delighted to be again leading the way in being the first to bring the Praxis Framework to market in an easy to adopt  and entirely free format. Praxis Framework is an incredible resource for organisations wanting to join up the pieces of their PPM jigsaw and we are glad to be able to minimise the effort associated with implementation.”

Adrian Dooley, creator of Praxis Framework said:

“The philosophy of Praxis Framework is that as much content and as many tools as possible should be made available to the project management community for free. This will promote the spread of good practice and break down some of the barriers to its implementation”


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