What Should Be On Your Project Initiation Checklist?

project initiation checklist

Before you even begin work on a project, there are a number of things that you must consider; these are the things that you need to have on your project initiation checklist.


When it comes to starting your projects, it is essential to begin things the right way; this will make it much easier for you in terms of how you manage both the workload and your team. It can be tempting just to get stuck in with the first task you see but give yourself some time to plan out the workload and ensure that you have everyone and everything you need to make the most of your project.

A project initiation checklist is a great way to set your project up for a successful outcome. All you need to do is work through your list and ensure that you can say yes to every item, then you will know that you can begin work confidently.

Outline your project

Understand exactly what it is you need to do, make sure that you ask the right questions and then you will be able to map out a clear list of what it is that you need and where you need to be heading in order to deliver the end result that is required. Whether you have just completed a project management apprenticeship or have been working on projects for a number of years the process you will follow with each project should begin in the same way.

Parallel project training advises that the very first thing that should be on the top of your list, after of course the appointment of a project manager – you – is to get approval for your business case. You should never begin work on a project that does not have a business case approved. This might be an informal email go ahead or something a little more formal

The next step will be to identify your project objectives, you need to determine what you are hoping to achieve with the project; these may already be in a formal business case if you submitted one and you can extract them from there. This will then allow you to define the scope of your project. Producing a clear and precise document will allow everyone to see what you are planning.


A critical thing that should definitely be on your project initiation list is your budget. You need to ensure that you have the money side of things approved and any other resources that you needed. You will probably want to check how you can get your hands on the money so that when you need to pay a supplier, so you don’t need to start chasing around trying to work out who to speak to.


You need to ensure that you have clearly identified those things that might be a risk to the smooth running and completion of your project. These might include things like a vendor not being able to deliver or a delay in them being able to supply certain items which will then hold up your project’s success. This will allow you to work on a contingency plan so that your project does not suffer too much of a delay.


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