200th Project Management Podcast released


Popular podcast celebrates 200 episodes of helping people understand project management with an interview extravaganza show.

SILVERADO, November 29, 2011 – The 200th episode of The Project Management Podcast is released today, celebrating 6 years of bringing project management topics to beginners and experts.

The four-part episode includes interviews with twenty project management experts who all provide their unique opinions about the number-one challenge that project management is facing today.

“Our ‘bicentennial’ podcast both looks back at how far project management has come and reflects on the future,” says Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, President, OSP International LLC and host of The Project Management Podcast. “We are used to working with project management experts on the show, but this is our biggest interview podcast ever. I’m really pleased we have so many great contributions from industry leaders.”

The project management superstars sharing their expertise with listeners include Mark Perry, Peter Taylor, Margaret Meloni, Andy Kaufman, Elizabeth Harrin as well as the presidents of the three leading project management associations: Mark Langley (PMI), Roberto Mori (IPMA) and Stacy Goff (ASAPM). Serial author Max Wideman is also contributing. “Project management as a discipline is interesting because it consists of a number of integrated functional areas,” Wideman says in his podcast segment. “Some of these functions are comparatively well established, whereas other areas are but young neophytes and are not so responsive to the same approach. Project management may be about ‘getting things done’, but it is also about the process or manner of getting things done.”

The show has received nearly 6 million downloads and is available for free through iTunes or The Project Management Podcast website. “Podcasts are convenient, practical and a great way for people to learn new things,” Fichtner says. “Listeners tell me that they get a lot of benefit from the opportunity to hear different, and sometimes challenging, opinions. Even the experts we’ve interviewed for this episode are continually learning.”

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