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Having my first book The Lazy Project Manager published by Infinite Ideas changed my professional life.

I had ambitions to widen my audience and to get on to the international speaking circuit. It was only once I had a book to support and promote me that I began to be noticed.

A book lends gravitas and authority to its author (assuming it’s a good book and all the evidence suggests that The Lazy Project Manager’ is indeed a good book!) It can set agendas. It receives reviews in trade media that raise the author’s profile.

The book has helped me internationally, too. The Lazy Project Manager’ has been a bestseller on Amazon Kindle store in the USA and I’ve had a huge number of enquiries for speaking gigs and consultancy as a result (I have presented in New Zealand, Brazil, USA, Germany, Poland, France, Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Netherlands and many more).

There are many project management books already in the market but there is equally an ever greater demand for knowledge and shared experience, guidance and advice as the profession of project management grows and grows.

It is suggested that there are some 16 million people worldwide with the role or title of project manager! That is a massive audience that wants to hear from you.

So do you have a great idea for a book?

Do you have something that you want to say and share with the widest possible project community?

If so then now is the time to act.

I have created a website just to help people like you,  has been put together to help you get published, not an easy task these days. It has been hugely successful for me and I want to help you achieve the same thing.

Who knows, you may well just have the idea for the next number 1 business book!

A book written by you to sell (or give) to clients is the best piece of marketing collateral you can own.

I am working now with my friends at Infinite Ideas to develop more titles in the Project Management sector. So, if you’ve written or are considering writing a book, get in touch now though – at the very least you can download a free eBook called ‘Get Published’ written by Infinite Ideas.


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