Project Managers Take Control of Training

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Lindsay Scott
Director of Arras People, the programme and project management recruitment specialists. Also blogging at How to Manage a Camel. Lindsay has also launched The PMO Conference

Arras People’s September Ten in Ten Survey revealed that training methods, courses and providence decision are most often trusted in the hands of the individual. Conducted throughout the month of September under the sponsorship of TCC Training and Consultancy, 91% of project managers told us they were able to either choose or influence the choice of which training provider they could use to receive or update their qualifications. Two thirds of our respondents added that the qualification they wanted to pursue was up to them to decide. Given this, training providers in project & programme management must make in-roads into reaching individuals as well as groups.

 “It’s good to see that project managers have considerable control over the training they need to pursue” says Lindsay Scott, co-partner and Director of Arras People. “No longer is it up to HR departments, procurement departments and line managers to narrow the options when pursuing training & development”


Search engines are the most popular mechanism for locating project management qualifications provider, as 45% of respondents told us they find their training courses and/or providers from a Google/web search. With that in mind, trainers need to portray a great, impenetrable presence on the web: 61% of respondents told us the matter of “Quality and reputation of training provider” was one they rated out of a list of five as “Very important”. “More flexibility in home training,” said another. “As a contractor, time off for training equals no pay!”  A third echoed, “I want more online or distance learning course options, enabling study in own time or less need to travel.”

The second most popular delivery option – some combination of different methods – was exactly half as popular (24%). Modernised training delivery methods like self-study (13%), on-demand online training (9%) and live virtual training (7%) brought up the back end of the results, revealing that convenient, home-friendly learning methods still need to have some in-roads made by training providers.

The survey lent for a strong targeting of agile users or those privy to agile project management, as TCC offered a single chosen winner of the survey a free place in an APMG Agile Project Management course. The course was won by Chris Duffin of London, a course that survey participants told us was most popular amongst those they “Planned to Gain” this year

Each month of the Arras People Ten for Ten Grand Prize Draw will feature a new co-sponsor close to the project management industry who will provide gifts made available in the grand prize draw. Further details about the sponsor for each monthly giveaway will be available on our special webpage – log on to Ten in Ten to learn which co-sponsors could be hooking you up with must-have gear and tools no project management professional should be without. It’s all a part of Arras People’s year-long goal to celebrate its 10 years as the leader in project management recruitment by giving back to the larger community.


The October edition of Ten in Ten is under way, sponsored by PMI UK Chapter, presenting Synergy 2012, with a grand prize of a free ticket to this second annual networking event for UK project managers 1st November at the IndigO2, London. To win the ticket, you have to take the survey online at Arras People Ten in Ten

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