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How to fail well...

Failure Is the new success. Here are five ways that you can embrace...

5 Skills Needed To...

Why do projects fail? It's a question that invites a lot of interest and...

Embrace the change: Getting...

New IT systems for a growing business can be an exciting prospect and...

New Professional Body for...

The House of PMO, a new professional body for PMO professionals was launched...

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Skills analysis: Identify your skills and find and fill knowledge gaps

Introduction Starting a project management role can involve a change in career. You might have started out in a more technical or specialised role and progressed up the chain or moved into project management after gaining skills in another industry....

How Knowing Your PM’s Favourite Rom-Com and BA’s Dog’s Name Could Help Optimise IT Project Success!

Isn’t it beautiful when an IT Project team execute and implement with total cohesion from top to bottom? When colleagues become team-mates, and when leaders understand who they are leading, I think a team becomes almost unbeatable. LESSONS FROM A...

Project Management in the Non-profit Sector: Maximising Social Impact With Project Management Tools

With many organisations looking to achieve a better social impact, non-profit organisations, in particular, are putting a greater emphasis on the use of project management to help with this. In order to be effective, project management within non-profits requires...

The Evolving Role of AI In Financial Services Project Management  

In the world of financial services project management, and indeed every industry, it is becoming increasingly common for organisations to lean on the new technology that is becoming more readily available. These are technological tools that can not only...

4 Words You Should Never Use In Project Management

Thinking about words in project management contexts that you use every day as a project manager is probably not something that you have given serious consideration to, but perhaps it should be. As with anything in life, the words...

IT Project decision making: How the best choice between two options can often be the third!

The “Crucible Moments” podcast is a fascinating listen, especially as Roelof Botha (whose thoughts are the inspiration for this blog) isn’t the main subject. He plays the role of presenter; the main guest is Jack Dorsey (former Twitter CEO who now runs the financial services company Block). The central narrative of the podcast is the evolution of Block from its origins as Square, and how they created Cash App, a ‘third’ option, which is now responsible for half of Block’s revenue. The strategy of expanding the number of options for consideration was instrumental in helping Block identify and eliminate what wasn’t working and focus on more profitable projects.

Mastering Success: 5 Key Leadership Skills Required by Small Business Owners

Introduction Small business owners are the lifeblood of the global economy. Their enterprises create jobs, stimulate innovation, and foster community growth. As such, the role of a small business owner is one of immense responsibility and requires a diverse skill...

The Value of Project Management Qualifications – Opportunities Within the Recession

With the potential for GFC2 looming as a result of the Euro crisis and an extended downturn in business continuing there is still a jobs market and many project managers are proactively using the downturn to move their careers...

An interesting thought experiment: open-book IT Project Management

Empowerment, autonomy, ownership – these buzzwords have rattled around for a few years now in relation to IT Project talent. Most project managers, business analysts (etc) would agree that they have the power to schedule their own time, track their own progress and tasks and choose how they work, to some extent. It usually leads to improved performance – after all who knows how to do a job better than the person who does it day-in, day-out?! What if you could take this improved individual performance and amplify it across your whole project or portfolio?

Changing our minds – the evolution of IT project strategic thinking and decision making

Interesting perspective from a Chief Experience Officer, Sandy, on how her organisation is making decisions – “we’re like a car that’s forgotten it has a steering wheel and more than one gear”. I love this metaphor. I can see the car missing turn offs and short cuts and the noise and smoke from driving along in first gear! What she means is that when the project team faces a challenge, or has a strategic decision to make, instead of weighing up what the problem really is and what would be best, it is culturally beholden to the in-house resources it already has at its disposal. Sandy thinks it may be a hangover from the pandemic. I suppose we all managed with what resources we could lay our hands on, became insular in our thinking, even adopting a scarcity mindset as we adjusted to the changing reality.

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