Why small business needs SEO consultants


For small businesses, visibility is the most important aspect of any marketing initiative. Without visibility to an audience, there can be very little in the way of customer conversion, not to mention analysis for the improvement of future marketing plans.

Small businesses today have the advantage of the Internet, which allows them to compete on an even playing field with market leaders in their industry. However, in order to access that “even playing field,” a small business must be well into with the gatekeepers to visibility online – the major search engines.

The major search engines, led by Google, hold the key to the visibility of any website online. With literally thousands of new websites being created on a daily basis, any business that does not know how to make itself known within the offices of the major search engines will be relegated to the depths of obscurity. It does not matter how good the brand or the product is when a business is just starting out; search engine optimization is everything.

Search engine optimization can be defined as the techniques that allow website to become visible within the major search engines, thus becoming much more visible online to a targeted audience. There are many aspects of search engine optimization, and the discipline continues to become more precise with every search engine algorithm update. The techniques that works only five years ago will not only stagnate the process of a website today, but they will also get a website blacklisted as well.

Today, search engine optimization is a full-time job. There are very few small businesses with the manpower or the time to dedicate the right amount of resources and employees toward search engine optimization while still having enough resources to devote to the day-to-day operations of business.

Most small businesses that are successful create partnerships with search engine optimization consultants that perform the majority of the legwork of a search engine optimization strategy.

A search engine optimization consultant will be able to inform the online marketing process of a business, steering clear pitfalls and ensuring that its efforts are met with the greatest amount of success possible. A good consultant will also be able to navigate the ever-changing waters of search engine optimization, informing a business when it needs to change strategies before the older strategies become a hazard to online visibility.

Below are just a few of the aspects of search engine optimization and a good consultant can take care of.

One – Keyword optimization

The first and most important aspect of search engine optimization is defining the key words of the website. This will help the search engine algorithm to index the website properly and listed under the proper keywords. Keywords are the words that people type into a search engine query boxes in order to find a solution to their problems. In order to direct the visibility of a business online toward an audience that will likely receive it well, a website must be listed under the appropriate keywords. For instance, you want to find the keywords with the highest traffic and least competition.

 Two – Link building vs link earning.

The ability to build links that point toward a website encompass an important part of the overall ranking of that website within the major search engines. The major search engines consider a site that is linked to a great deal to be reputable and informative. Sites that are reputable will be listed much higher in search engine rankings than sites that are deemed uninformative.

However, it is not enough to simply throw links around on any webpage that can find. The major search engines also take note of the reputation of websites that link to a business as well. In order to raise the ranking of a website, business must have links from highly reputable websites. Today is is about earning links not just link building. Link earning is were you create content or a community which is please to share links with you.

 Three – Social media mentions and interaction

Social media and search engine optimization are more intrinsically connected than ever before. Just as the search engines consider links point to a website to be indicative of a website’s reputation, social media mentions also speak to the reputation of a website. If a business wants to be ranked highly in the major search engines, it should invest in an SEO consultant that knows how to get social media mentions.In particular the use of Google Plus is very important for search engine rankings.

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  1. The amount of time it requires now to learn how to do your own optimization is ridiculous and there are new techniques to discover everyday. I agree wholeheartedly that SEO is now essential for any business to be successful through their website.

    Great article Thanks!


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