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Processes -v- People

Organisational agility is being promoted as the ‘silver bullet’ to create value and eliminate project failures, but decades of research show that methodologies, standard operating procedures and organisational maturity are essential underpinnings of consistent success. Are these mutually exclusive propositions or is there a more subtle answer to this apparent …

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How to Implement a PMO Tool

Is that the million-dollar question that many PMOs face today? Recognising that there is no silver bullet for the successful implementation of PMO tools or even choosing the right tool for their programme and project organisations. The prospect of implementing the right tool is daunting but the decision is becoming …

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The State of the PMO: The PMO is Alive and Well

The Reports of Its Death Have Been Exaggerated: The PMO is Alive and Well! This is just one of the messages from opening keynote speaker J LeRoy Ward at The PMO Conference on the 11th June. LeRoy is a great speaker on PMO. He’s both inspirational as well as delivering …

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Gower Publishing Supports the Role of PMOs in Project Management Capability

Gower Publishing, the leading project management publishers have called for PMOs to provide services which help organisations improve their project management capability. Talking ahead of the PMO Conference where Gower will be presenting their PMO titles and new project management knowledge platform, Jonathan Norman highlights how knowledge really can turn …

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The Leaner, Simpler PMO

Organisations which are leaner, more agile, move faster and deliver more dynamic projects demand the same characteristics from their PMOs. This insight kicked off a recent interview with Nick Wilson, MD at Programmexpress, who are exhibiting at the PMO Conference on the 11th June. Programmes and projects which deliver competitive …

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The Business Driven PMO Workshop Hits London

Terry Doerscher and Andy Jordan are long time PMO stalwarts. Together they have delivered numerous Business Driven PMO workshops across the States and now we’re happy to have them here in London on Friday 12th June. Both Terry and Andy are keynote speakers at the PMO Conference the day before …

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