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Paul Naybourhttp://www.parallelprojecttraining.com
Paul is a project management consultant and account manager with particular expertise in the analysis, process development, and implementation of change program management, risk management, earned value management, and bespoke project management training development and delivery. Paul is the Business Development Director of the company Parallel Project Training

These are my top tips for passing the APMP exam using the Parallel Learning System. These are based on over ten years of helping people to prepare for APMP exams.

Step one: Register on the Parallel Project Training website and download your study plan from the APMP exam prep forum. This gives you a four week plan to study the 37 topics in the APMP syllabus, based on one hour per day. If you have any problems then you can reset you password following by following the password reminder link on the website.

Step two: Go to iTunes and download the APMP podcasts using iTunes. You can burn these to a CD or download them to an MP3 player. There are podcasts for each topic area.

Step three: Review the study guide for the key areas of interest. If any topics are not clear then review the topic by working through the e-learning or the podcasts, to review topics which you are not clear about. Many people listen to the podcasts during the commute to work. Study a topic at a time and complete the end of course quiz. You can find the answers in the exam prep forum.

Strep four: At the end of a topic then attempt the sample questions in the book and post you answers on the exam prep forum. We will mark your APMP exam answers and give you feedback on the hints and tips.


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