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Ascensio System SIA, a developer and owner of, is launching the new version of TeamLab, a project management and social networking platform for enterprise. The enhanced product with the new feature set is offered in two solutions: as a ready-to-use cloud-based platform and as an open-source alternative to proprietary collaborative software. TeamLab hosted solution is provided absolutely free of charge.

In addition to previously released TM Community module the new version of TeamLab features 2 more new modules – TM Projects and TM Talk – developed for efficient project management and real time communication of employees. TM Projects module allows you to organize business tasks and project milestones, monitor project members activity, share documents and files within a project team. Via TM Talk employees can exchange messages and information instantly. TM Talk can be integrated into most popular IM clients.

Today a great number of companies still lack well-working collaboration schemes inside their teams which leaves space for employee productivity optimization. With this in mind, Ascensio System SIA developed TeamLab in such a way which lets the information flow inside the enterprise portal as smooth as possible. As a result, employees can share information via various means like wiki, bookmarks, discussions, blog posts and photo exchange.
As distinct from known collaboration solutions TeamLab offers its feature-rich, well-organized collaborative tools for free, with no hidden costs or upgrade plans. Olga Sorokina, PR Manager, Ascensio System SIA: “We know that there are several industry leaders on the enterprise software market and it is extremely difficult to gain trust, adoption and loyalty among corporate clients for a new market player. In an effort to pass through this barrier, we give away TeamLab platform with no less functionality than its famous competitors have.”

For companies which are interested in installing collaborative tools on their own servers or modifying the platform in accordance with their specific needs, TeamLab is offered as a free open-source software. TeamLab open-source solution is distributed under GNU GPL v3 license terms and listed in SourceForge open-source library.

About Ascensio System SIA

Ascensio System SIA ( is a fast growing IT company developing collaboration solutions for businesses. Founded in 2009, Ascensio System SIA has already released three collaborative tools within one platform which enables employees to perform a wide range of business collaboration tasks. All Ascensio System SIA solutions can be found on:


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