APM PMQ for 100% of project managers at BAA Heathrow


Julian Foster, programme Directory at BAA, has hopes all the project managers at Heathrow  will hold an APM PMQ qualification by the end of the year.  “The percentage of our staff that I see having APM PMQ by the end of this year should be 100% of our project managers,” said Julian. In an interview with the Association for Project Management he recognised the important value the APM PMQ plays in the development of project managers. “the fact that it is best of class, but more importantly is the fact that it is not just about a process, it’s about the tools and techniques. So we get that flexibility as well.” This flexibility comes from everyone using the same language and approach to project management.

The APM PMQ is just the first stage in the development of professional project managers, it established a rigorous and foundation knowledge in project management and is closely aligned with the APM Body of Knowledge.    “We are delighted that such an important employer and contributor to the UK economy has recognised the practical and business value of APM’s flagship qualification.” Said Liz Wilson, head of Professional Standards and Knowledge at the Association for Project Management.

Its good to see another major project organisation selecting the APM development road map for professional project management BAA join a wide group of other organisations that have selected APM as there main development route for project managers including Network Rail, TfL, Siemens, Balfour Betty.



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