Free PMP Prep Podcast PMBoK Chapter 4 Project Management Integration


PMP Prep Podcasts is now available to download from iTunes or direct from the Parallel Project Training site. This podcast is part of the support material for our PMP Certification courses in London.

The PMP Prep Podcasts are designed to help you passing PMP exams. In this episode we look at chapter 4 on Project Management Integration from the PMI Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. This is a critical chapter for anyone studying for the PMP exam, as it sets out the overall structure of the project management processes and how they are integrated to manage and direct the project. Included in this podcast are sections covering the

  • Develop the project charter, including a discussion of how this works in different types of organisation such as contractors or clients.
  • Develop project management plan, including the sources of information required to develop the project baselines and subsidiary plans and how this builds on the content from the different knowledge areas, such as scope management or time management.
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution which includes the completion of the work required in the project management plan.
  • Monitor and Control Project Work which includes comparing the actual progress against the plan, identifying new risk and issues, assessing the need for corrective action, tacking the completion of project products and providing status report.
  • Perform Integrated Change Control which combines configuration management with control of changes to the triple baselines of scope, time and cost.
  • Project Close which involves ensuring that the project is fully completed to the requirements and closed in an orderly way.

This episode is quite long at around forty five minutes, so it might be good to break it into sections.   If you want to understand more about PMP prep podcasts it is good to read and listen to the programs then download them. There are numerous advantages that you are going to enjoy if you listen to the episode. One of them is that, your level of understanding PMP exam is going to be increased. Besides that, examples will make you understand the exam concepts and become a good manager.

Another advantage is that, study time is going to be shorter because you will be listening anywhere you like. For example, you are going to be listening them when driving at home or at work, during lunch hours, when you are out with your motor bike, when you are waiting for the bus. You will also have a good chance to listen to exam takers of PMP and the practice they use to study and pass the exam. Language used in PMBOK is not hard to understand.The ways of satisfying PMI requirements of project management are so many. Some of the areas that training must be done are in the areas of project budget, risk, Project Management Integration, project quality, communications and project procurement. Project Management Integration prep pod cast covers tools and techniques that are required so that when it comes to doing PMP certification exam it is going to be easier. If you want to become a PMP this is what you have to do. The first thing is reading credentials that are in PMI handbook. These credentials are vital because they explain vividly of how an individual can become a PMP certified.If having listened to the podcast, you want to take the PMP exam, it is possible to sign up on the internet through PMI website. But, before signing up it is essential to read PMBOK guide at least two times because most of the exam questions come from a guide. For the twenty five percent that has not been covered in the book look for PMP preparation book and read it. These books can be found on the internet and on most bookshops. These books explain and translate PMBOK concepts of guide that have been explained awkwardly. Also you have to attend PMP local chapter’s workshop. These workshops are not costly but they are they are the same quality that have been offered by training companies. The volunteers involved are going to mentor your studies. The sample questions should be answered well. It is also vital to study very hard and have a good plan. Studying for PMP exam requires a lot of personal dedication and commitment.There are a lot of challenges that you are going to face when it comes to studying PMP. There are concepts that are going to be simple and others difficult. For a face to face 5-day PMP training course in London.


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