Free PMP Prep Podcasts PMBok Chapter 8 Project Quality Management


PMBOK describes the whole quantity of theory as well as learning talks about the practice of project quality management. Project management is a science and it is essential in domains like construction, software engineering and architecture. Process groups in project management are five and nine knowledge areas. For the groups to operate they require all the nine knowledge areas. The nine areas are composed of processes that have to be accomplished in order to create a good project management program that is effective and functioning well.

Project quality management is composed of planning and tasks which help in achieving certain objectives. One thing about these projects is that, they are usually temporary when it comes to nature, scope, tangible time and budget constraints. To make sure that managers create quality projects, they should come up with teams that are motivating and productive. The manager must understand what project quality management is and processes of selecting, planning, developing and how managing the project should be done efficiently.

Selecting the right team to work on the project does not stop there; managers should also create a good atmosphere for the projects to be done. Besides that, members within the team must be motivated when doing the project. Issues which derail the project should be changed. Project management courses covering the PMP syllabus teach why project management is essential for good performance of the project. The course helps students in preparing for PMBOK certification exam. It is vital to work as team so that the project becomes successful and not to break. A constructive environment makes team members to be motivated and productive and a negative environment produces poor results. Building a team is not that easy because there are a lot of challenges and drawbacks that you are going to face. A project manager needs to be creative and work hard to build the team. Besides that, the manager should be ready for any challenges that are going to come on the way and know how to handle them. Project managers should attend training so that they can build a good and effective team.

The responsibility of a project manager is to come up with project teams that are effective. When the team is working on the project, the project manager should manage the project proactively so that if there is any personal issue that will affect the project it is resolved immediately. This course covers how managers should develop and manage the project. The best practices have been outlined in project management body knowledge guide. Techniques of how to develop teams like rewards, recognition, training and team building activities have been discussed in the guide.

The course also talks about strategies that are used in enhancing performance of the project and techniques in conflict management. Besides that, it also prepares learners for PMBOK exam. There are more than two hundred questions of PMP Prep Podcasts and they test the level of understanding of the student. Questions come from all areas of PMBOK like project integration, project risk, project management scope, human resource management, project procurement, cost management, quality project management and project communication management. If students want to pass PMP exams they must understand tools, techniques, inputs and outputs that are used. The questions are used for checking if the students has understood PMBOK guide. Today, it is possible to download PM prep podcasts on the internet and also do the training. Classroom sessions PMP certification sessions are also available on London.


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