Government is serious about project management

David Ackland

David Ackland, Head of the PPM Profession at the Home Office, emphasises the importance of monitoring projects and engaging the client.

During an interview at the APM Project Management Conference in October David describes the role of the Major Projects Authority, a body set up by the Government to monitor major projects. David said: “The MPA will ensure interventions are made where necessary. If things do go wrong they are not allowed to drift. Decisions are taken quickly and either something is stopped or it is supported so it becomes successful.”

Watch the full interview where David states: “The Government really is serious about project management.”

He adds: “It isn’t project management for the sake of it. It’s project management for delivering good value for money for every citizen of this country.”

The theme for this year’s APM Conference has been announced as “The Art of the Possible”, which takes place on Wednesday 27th June 2012 in London. Be an early bird and book by 31st March to save up to £178.


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