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PMP Prep Podcasts

Being prepared for the PMI exams calls for professional help and who better to help than Paul Naybour, and Adrian taggart to guide you. Paul Naybour has proven success with his previous 5 day course in Association Project Management for Professionals as the trainer and designer. With over 100,000 downloads of his Podcast to date on iTunes; APM PMQ is the first course of its kind with such proven success.

Many recruiters state that professionals that received the PMP certification were benefited from this podcast in that they were more likely to receive larger salaries than those that did not get certified.

PMP Prep Podcasts the next step on your road to success awaits now

Not sure where how to go about get certified in Project Management? No problem, Paul Naybour has the road map to your future ready. One visit to their blog Parellel Project Training in step one. Paul and Adrain have a simple motto that reads, We’re with you all the way. ParallelProjects blog has everything you need to know to get you started on your PMP certification. But that’s not the end of it, because there are many courses on Podcast available to fit your needs on the way to becoming a certified PMP.

Options for learners include: distance learning, corporate training, and study groups. Or sign up today for your free Prep Podcast PMBok chapter 1 – Introduction to project Management, it’s all happening now.

What are the benefits of Project Management training?

To Understand better what a PMP Prep Podcast involves, the ideals of Paul Naybour and Adrain Taggart are clear:

The training for Project Management focuses on the change. Change being a normal cycle of all things does not always come easy. Change can take on varies forms, such as physical likened to a building or material form, virtual such as integrating a new IT system into the company or organisational changes in how the office is run. Good project management can help a company because it gives takes ordered steps to managet these changes.

Podcasts are designed to help qualifying professionals for the PMI examination. Why learn the hard way to becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP) when Paul Naybour, and Adrain Taggart can show you the way? Both men are experienced Project Management trainers and Adrien has had excellent feedback on his part for being an expert in PMP training.

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  • The first Podcast is available FREE now on Parellel Project Training
  • PMP Prep Podcasts are recorded by both Adrian and Paul and run 20-35 minute lengths per lesson
  • 15 Podcasts covering the entire PMBok Guide – it was tough to fit it all in, but they did!
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Be taught by experienced trainers in the field of Project Management
  • Become a leader in your field
  • Earn more money, be more marketable with as a PMP.
  • Step by step guidance towards applying for the PMI exam
  • Get Chapter 1 for free – then decide if you want to continue

For more information and the free Chapter 1 on Project Management, click Parallel Project Training


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