Is APM PMQ the next step for your project management development.

APM hit the bulls eye

The very question of advancing your career degree or certification is no longer optional. In this world of highly competitive job market competition the option of making your resume stand out above others is a no brainier. The true facts is, that in today’s job market it will take every skill and selling point ,to put you into the job, that hundreds are applying for at any given hour. When the opportunity arises to make yourself shine above all other candidates for an employment position or promotion it is a dog eat dog world. In other words you must do what it takes to look like you are the candidate that is best qualified, skilled, and ready to take control of the position. You must present your skills to the perspective employer in a fashion that leaves them with a long lasting impression of you the man or women who is the one for the position.

With all this advice the fact comes to light that a project manager position is one of the most highly competitive jobs on the current employment market. A skilled and well certified Project Manager can earn a significant salary A certified project manager who has the back bone and paper work to prove they have the capability to deliver can demand very high salary. Is this the next step for your project management development? The idea of putting the best project management courses to work for your future is again a no brainier. The Project Fundamentals course and qualification APM PFQ followed by the APM PMQ certification from Parallel Project Training, will make you into the candidate that has the most potential and proven skills. The study and certification program offers students the following:

The program offers its student the comprehensive learning approach of fantastic learning modules that teach the student five core concepts. As an excellent source of curriculum the course is designed with the study guide presenting all aspects of the course material in a easy to read format. Exam questions, terms, templates, even sample exams are well presented so that you can begin your course with a head start in advance.

Seven modules of well presented curriculum is presented in a fashion unlike any other certification program. The study guide is easily understood and utilized from the seven modules. All modules come accredited with e-modules. Real instructors that have battle proven training in the field of working functioning project managers make the course one that comes with real authority. Nothing can be better then receiving the instruction to being a top level Project Manager from a real living , breathing Project Manager. Page by page the study guide will shed light on the learning e-modules presented to the student.

Study aids in multimedia will also assist the APM PMQ student in the form of state of the art media files called MP3 format. By being in this format computers, music players, radios and most media devices can play them. All the key points and topics will be covered in the media files or by Pod-cast. Another helping factor for the aspiring project manager seeking certification is the courses study group created just to help each student excel. With the use of a forum and a tutor moderating the forum each student should be able to reach new levels of knowledge about project management.

A course in training that also includes the APM PMQ core exam is presented to the student. There is a tutor with proven skills as a project manager running and presenting the curriculum.

After completing the courses of study to gain knowledge and skills needed in the project management field there becomes a opportunity for the student to complete the actual APM PMQ exam. A short time latter the results of accreditation will be available. His time period is generally 5-6 weeks after testing results are submitted.

This curriculum is well received by professionals of various social status. Individuals such as Network Rail, Siemens and the Ministry of Defence all recognize this curriculum as state of the art and cutting edge curriculum. All 37 topics of interest and curricular is present in the course outline of APM knowledge. Individuals that have 2-3 years experience will find their selves taking the next step to success and recognition in the field of project management On average project managers with the APM PMQ earn £10k than those without.


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