New Change Management Ebook: Communicating Change

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Elizabeth Harrin
Elizabeth Harrin is the blogger behind She's the author of several project management books including Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, Customer-Centric Project Management and she also writes exetensively for the project management industry press. Elizabeth is Director of Otobos Consultants Ltd, a firm specialising in copywriting for small and medium businesses.

Do you struggle to build buy in and generate stakeholder engagement for your projects?

There’s a new change management ebook by Elizabeth Harrin that will help you manage project communications on your change initiative.

Communicating Change: How To Talk About Project Change is a guide to:

  • How to plan your project communications strategy
  • How to work out which tools will be the best for your project
  • How to get the right message to the right people at the right time – with the right action as a result
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your project communications so you can do more (or less) of that next time.

This is a complete guide to what to say in your project communications and how to say it.

Written as a step-by-step guide, it aims to help project managers, change managers and business team leaders get people to finally understand what the project is trying to do, cascade to their teams and do their part!

This book makes it easier for you to start talking, writing, presenting and sharing about your project in a way that takes the comms planning process and makes it as low stress as possible.

Because project managers have enough to do without having to worry about communications as well!

Communicating Change is available only as an ebook. Priced at only £8.99 it’s a cost-effective way to get to grips with stakeholder communications, be better prepared and grow the level of support for your project.

Here’s what people are saying:

“The book is great resource that you can quickly work through to help identify and successfully manage the communication requirements of your project. Also recommended for the more experienced change or project manager who is using a standard communication plan for each project (we’ve all been there!) and who would benefit from a quick refresher and an updated approach.” Caroline Harper, Corporate Lead ICT and Digital, local government

“A great primer on communicating change. Elizabeth provides practical advice on how to communicate change and includes examples/ideas to use in your project. If you follow the ideas in the book then you will exceed your stakeholders’ expectations.” Elise Stevens, project leadership coach and mentor

At 65 pages long, it’s comprehensive enough to give you everything you need while letting you get started quickly.

Get your change management ebook here (PDF or Kindle, or you can read it through the publisher’s online library).

About The Author: Elizabeth Harrin

Elizabeth Harrin, MA, FAPM, MBCS runs Otobos Consultants Ltd, a project communications consultancy specialising in copywriting for project management firms. Elizabeth also works as a practicing project and program manager. She spent eight years working in financial services before moving into healthcare.

Elizabeth is a PRINCE2, MSP and P3O Practitioner, and holds the ITIL Foundation certificate. She is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management and a member of PMI. She holds degrees from the University of York and Roehampton University.

She is the author of four books about project management: Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World (which was a finalist in the Management Book of the Year Awards 2014 and now in its second edition), Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, Communicating Change, and Customer-Centric Project Management. Elizabeth has also produced several ebooks and an online course on project reporting.

Elizabeth is the award-winning blogger behind A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, a specialist blog aimed at helping teams get work done with less stress. She is widely published on project management topics and has contributed to numerous websites and magazines.

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