PRiSM Integrations Launches


PRiSM Integrations, a three hour course from GPM that covers sustainability methods, governance, planning and risk tools, and how they tie to project management launched in the United States on September 10th as an live online and instructor-led course.  At the cost of only $99 this workshop is designed for experienced project managers who want to know how sustainability and project management converge.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Define what Sustainability in Project Management or “Green Project Management” is
  2. Define P5
  3. Define the differences between a green project and standard project management
  4. Understand how to develop a sustainability management plan
  5. Understand how to plan risk using environmental impact assessments using PESTLE
  6. Understand the sustainability integrators to project management knowledge areas.

The course will run again on October 8th and November 12th.  To register, visit


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