xDSM Adopts the PRiSM Project Methodology for Green Project Management

Green Project Management

On September 11th, GPM® announced a strategic partnership with Objective World, a vibrant MSC Malaysia Status company specializing in research, development and commercialization of software that manages and visualizes information over the complete lifecycle of buildings, facilities, and infrastructure.

Objective World’s flagship product, xD Building Lifecycle Enterprise Suite, comprises a range of seamlessly integrated modules which provide functionality from the initial planning and conceptual design phase all the way through design and construction to facility maintenance and operations management. One component of that Suite, xD Sustainability Manager (xDSM) is particularly relevant to the practical application of Green Project Management, is highly configurable and accommodates a wide range of projects from Infrastructure, technology, product and services based initiatives, and beyond.

GPM® President Joel Carboni stated that “Sustainability is fast becoming a key measure that project managers have to account for as an objective of their delivery.  We felt that PRiSM™, our project methodology, needed a software system that was flexible enough to adhere to the method’s governance model and could be applicable to a wide range of products and initiatives. To align with Objective World, who already have a strong reputation throughout the world, adapting their xDSM platform to PRiSM™ is a tremendous addition to what we offer as an organization.”

Dr. Peter Key, CEO of Objective world stated “The opportunity to work with GPM® in adapting xDSM to the PRiSM™  methodology is the perfect example of form following function and offers the industry a concrete way of actioning green project management in a way that promotes collaboration and transparency for all stakeholders. Their PRiSM™ project methodology effectively connects organizational sustainability goals and objectives to the project lifecycle and is a natural fit with what we support as an organization.” “There is the added bonus that xDSM already supports the management of resources and  processes for green building rating certifications such as LEED, Green Star, BREEAM, Estidama and other region specific sustainability tools.”

According to GPM, the strategic partnership with Objective World, allows the organization to further their reach in sustainable delivery with a tool that bring the PRiSM™ methodology and green project management to life. Visit www.xdsustainabilitymanagement.com to learn more about the solution which will be available November 1st.



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