Project Challenge Returns to Birmingham

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Lindsay Scott
Director of Arras People, the programme and project management recruitment specialists. Also blogging at How to Manage a Camel. Lindsay has also launched The PMO Conference

Project Challenge returns to Birmingham this Spring, or should that be zooms back to Birmingham as it is being held at the National Motorcycle Museum on 25-26th March 2015. The venue choice has already made a fair few project managers register already but if you’re not into your Triumphs or Nortons there is still plenty to entice you.

Lindsay Scott from Arras People is back again, presenting on project management careers. This time Lindsay will be talking about Project Management Careers – 7 Ways to Make Yours Better. It’s bumper packed session taking you through many different aspects of managing a project management career from:

  • choosing the learning and development options that will help you develop your career;
  • building a personal career portfolio that differentiates you in a competitive job market;
  • understanding the political skills of internal networking and the skills involved in external networking.
  • the lifecycle of a project management career, looking at different modes of working (freelancing or contracting as an option);
  • the project management career path;
  • risks, rewards and remuneration, and;
  • what makes a great project management career

It’s an ideal session if you are concentrating on your career during 2015. Or perhaps 2015 is the year to focus on the more technical aspects of project management? How about using mind mapping in your projects? Turning braindrops into brainstorms – Optimising the WBS process from Lawrence Keltie at MatchWare focuses on using mind mapping processes and tools. It seems to have been a popular topic of discussion in the social media world of project management towards the back end of 2014. Will it become more popular in 2015? Why not register and come along and see for yourself.

motorbike1Maybe this year you’ll be looking for a enterprise project management solution? Project Challenge provides an ideal opportunity to see all the vendors in one place over the two days. You’ll also be able to listen into the experts talking about different tools for different uses and organisations. It really does help take the stress out of solution buying.

Real PPM from Microsoft at last; in the cloud or on premise in weeks not months. Sound too good to be true? from Ivan Lloyd at Corporate Project Solutions sets out the stall for a Microsoft based solution.

Tempting to take a day or two out of the office to dedicate to your own development? Join us on the 25th and 26th March

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